Silk Screen Wallpaper

Silk Screen Wallpaper

Anyone who is going to refresh the interior of an apartment or house and chooses to paste wallpaper faces a difficult choice. Today the range of wallpaper styles is very big: beginning from an appearance and finishing with quality of the material providing durability and practicality. Silk Screen wallpaper combines noble and elegant look. This kind of vinyl wallpaper, which is produced by hot stamping, interspersed with silk threads, consist of two layers: bottom (non-woven or paper) and the top (vinyl with silk threads). Also, now manufacturers are using artificial threads without the loss of the same effect. This wallpaper is resistant to many factors: moisture, sunlight, and the pattern on them are practically not erasable.

Silk Screen Wallpaper

A few centuries ago, in Europe, masters of art were hand-painting their masterpieces on silk and creating a surreal beauty. Later, these works were used by the rich and famous people for the decoration of their walls or furniture. Mass production began in the twentieth century, and now the market offers a wide choice of colors, designs, patterns which are perfect for any room.

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The advantages and disadvantages of silk screen printing Wallpaper

Silk screen wallpapers look rich, but their cost is also high. However it is not very often discourages those who want to create the unique luxury of their homes. The main thing is to correctly choose the appropriate room as well as color and pattern for upcoming project. Also, before putting this beautiful wallpaper on, you will need to prepare your walls correctly and make sure that there are no bumps and holes in the wall.

The main advantages of silk screen wallpaper:

  1. Do not have toxic substances and odor.
  2. Easy to clean and wash.
  3. Resistant to moisture and sunlight.
  4. The service life is very long.
  5. Huge selection of colors and patterns.
  6. A chic appearance.

When choosing Silk Screen Wallpaper you should give preference to proven manufacturers, because poorly made wallpaper will not provide expected durability and quality as well as rich appearance will disappear by itself.

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