What is Expanded Vinyl Wallpaper?

What is Expanded Vinyl Wallpaper?

During a long period of time, the wallpaper as a decoration material has not come out of public use. With the help of wallpaper we decorate and individualizing our home or workplace.

In recent years, Expanded Vinyl Wallpaper is gaining popularity. But what is the reason? Why this kind of wallpaper is special, how it differs from other types of wallpaper? How should we treat them? The answers to those questions, you will find by reading this article until the end. 

Features of Expanded Vinyl Wallpaper

Expanded Vinyl Wallpaper made by applying a vinyl substrate to the Paper base by screen printing method.

But why they are called Expanded Vinyl Wallpaper?

Under the influence of sufficiently high temperatures, the vaporization process occurs in webs of wallpaper. Gaseous chemical substances are created during that process, which by interaction with the vinyl, are forming pores and then the vinyl became foamed. This method provides a high density of wallpaper, which is why the moisture does not evaporate, and it is automatically excluded chances for mold and mildew formation. But, if you wish, you can additionally process the wallpaper with an antifungal solution.


Types of expanded vinyl wallpaper

There are several types of vinyl wallpaper, which differ in the outer surface. For example, there are some Expanded Vinyl Wallpaper, the profile of which are rough, but at the same time pleasant and soft to the touch. They express some relief pattern. There is also an Expanded Vinyl Wallpaper with bright highlights. They are very beautiful to look and are the best camouflage for irregularities and imperfections on the walls. There is Expanded Wallpaper on Non-woven Base as well. Non-woven Base is a material, which includes synthetic textile fibers and cellulose. To say more clear, the Expanded Vinyl Wallpaper on Non-woven Base are different from Expanded Vinyl Wallpaper on a paper base. The one on Non-woven base will be a higher strength one, a higher dimensional stability and also more comfortable for applying to the wall. But also may be more expansive.

Advantages and disadvantages of Expanded Vinyl Wallpaper


Expanded Vinyl Wallpaper is water-resistant. As known, water-resistant wallpaper is popular cause of their reliability and durability. In addition, this type of wallpaper, thanks to this, is easy to clean with a brush or cloth.

The eco-friendly finishing material is another advantage of Expanded Vinyl Wallpaper. It means that you can apply them at your house walls and you will not have to worry about any negative effects they may cause. They are safe for you and your family.

Expanded Vinyl Wallpaper is resistant to fire. Due to its density and stability of this type of wallpaper texture, it is almost immune to the fire.


Expanded Vinyl Wallpaper has its disadvantage as well. But, no one can say more then this only one disadvantage. Due to the fact that the surface is soft, this Wallpaper is very delicate. It may be easy to "damage" the appearance of the coating. Therefore, you should be very careful and try to avoid different damages on the surface.

In general, the Expanded Vinyl Wallpaper are ideal finishing material, which is suitable for absolutely any type of interior for any occasion.