Glass Bead wallpaper installation

Glass Bead wallpaper installation

If you decide to go with the glassbead wallcoverings and install it by yourself you will need a little help before you start to inform you what to expect. We put some notes together for you, that might help you to avoid some mistakes during an installation. 

glassbeads wallpaper


Because of the unique features of sand and glass beads on this exquisite non-woven paper, some extra care and understanding is required during installation:

-There will be some expected loosening of sand or glass beads during the process of packaging, handling and installation. Try to keep these loose particles from getting on the pasted side of the paper by keeping your pasting surface as clean as possible.

glass bead wallpaper


- Do not use a paste machine or roller. Paste should be applied with the gende strokes of a pasting brush.

- Use a good paste. Thinner pastes could cause over-saturation of the special non-woven paper, compromising the adherence of the send or beads. We recommend Roman 880 glue.

- To prevent unwanted loss of material during installation, a smoothing brush should be used to smooth the paper on the wall. Do not use a hard edge tool, such as a blade or scraper. Similarly, avoid the direct pressure of a seam roller on the sand and glass bead sections of the wallpaper.

glass bead wallcoverings


- Cutting through the fine particles of sand and glass beads can dull cutting blades. Frequently changing blades and using good quality scissors will assist you in your trimming efforts. 

Do not worry if glass beads or sand keep falling off during installation or after it by running your hand on top of the wallpaper. It will eventually stop. Only badly adhered particles will fall off, which is normal. 

This wallpaper is unique due to the texture created by glass or sand. It looks absolutely amazing on the wall. We hope you will enjoy your wallcoverings every day! To check our glass bead wallpaper options please click HERE.