Versace Home designer wallpaper

Versace Home designer wallpaper

We have a huge variety of different wallpaper styles and patterns nowadays, but let's talk about designer wallpaper. Something unique and fashionable. Wallcoverings mart sells a lot of designer wallcoverings among which are also the Versace Home wallpaper.

Versace is not only about the fashion, but design in it's broadest spectrum. Versace Home is a pure reflection of this.

Established in 1992 Versace Home was a fabric collection at first, but soon transformed into a full home collection which is able to express the Versace lifestyle in its greatest. By presenting their very own wallcoverings Versace Home has introduced today’s fashion, luxury and glamour to every days life.


versace barocco wallcoverings


This wallcoverings were manufactured together with an A.S. Création company which is manufacturing wallpaper in Germany. Versace Home wallcoverings features all the Versace traditional iconic prints and patterns that are really easy to recognize.

For example, Medusa Rondanin is the emblem of Gianni Versace - a statue of the head of Medusa the Gorgon in the form of a beautiful woman with snake hair

.medusa versace wallpaper
Gianni have chosen her by himself. From his words: “Medusa symbolizes the beauty and fatal charms of the ancient Greek classics - both in art and in philosophy. She is a synthesis of beauty and simplicity, which literally paralyzes and even hypnotizes. " So you will be able to find that print among the wallpaper collection. Wallpaper ‘’Medusa’’ (The Gorgon with hair of snakes)  takes a central place in this wallpaper collection. “Medusa” is raised from the surface by a texture. This wallpaper comes in plain gold, black, gray and white color options and has an elegant satin silk like fabric look.
versace medusa black wallpaper


According to Versace, fashion should be whimsical and extravagant. He embodied his views in collections that violate the canons and foundations. Versace was an adherent of the Italian neo-baroque style. His collections combine a passion for contrasts and excesses, a combination of different styles and kitsch.

One of our most sellable patterns is definitely a “Greek key” pattern. Looks and feels luxurious. Classic and elegant and at the same time modern and contemporary. Straight and clean lines creating a big Greek Key pattern that is so familiar to us. It represents an ancient print as an extravagant statement. This fine wallcovering comes in black, gold, silver and cream colors. The matching border can be used with this as well as any other patterns to add even more creativity to the look.

versace greek key silver gray wallpaper


Another iconic pattern in Versace Home wallpaper is the “Barocco Flowers” pattern. You definitely have seen that one a lot! Blouses, pants, dresses, bags, robes and more items are successfully featuring this print for a long period already.


barocco flowers versace wallpaper
If you are looking for something tropical, you would love a signature “Giungla” pattern. A new print that represents iconic floral prints found in the archives of Versace. This pattern is also among the best sellers! With such nice color variations and deep raised texture that you can feel this wallcovering will not leave anyone apathetic.
versace palm wallpaper
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