Wallpaper trends in 2020

Wallpaper trends in 2020

We live in the time when everything around us is developing and upgrading in the fastest mode ever. Interior design is not an exception. Now we have such a big variety of different styles, tools and decorations to transform a living space according to our needs, that everyone can use their creativity to build their dream environment in 2020. The main trend in interior design in 2020 is attention to details.  But one of the most important components of the overall image of the room in 2020 is wallpaper.

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Wallpaper and all the different types of the wallcoverings have been with us for decades, but it wasn’t that popular in the last few years. Now more and more designers and consumers use wallpaper in their projects as it is the easiest way to add individuality to your space.


The modern building materials market is quite volatile. Some design trends can dramatically change to the new ones. This also applies to the wallcoverings. After analyzing the opinions of eminent designers and their preferences, we can examine in detail the most popular wallpapers of 2020, which will simply perfectly transform every home.


If before the wallpaper could delight with its extraordinary color or some bright pattern, now this is not enough. Stylish modern wallcovering emphasized by some tactile additions. These visual effects can have the appearance of a drawing with a brush or repeat the texture of the fabric, etc.


Among the many options for wallpaper 2020 it is already possible to distinguish real leaders who have become the favorites of not only famous designers, but also ordinary consumers. Let's get to know them.

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There is a classic that never goes out of style. Such a type of wallpaper as monochrome belongs to the classic style. A small number of colors have become a chic addition to such a popular design style as minimalism. But here some changes have occurred. If earlier the leaders of the monochrome were colors such as black and white, now they have given way to the gray color, which is often used in Scandinavian interiors. In addition, many options for such wallpapers began to be complemented by discreet geometric ornaments. If the room is decorated in the hi-tech style, then most often the monochrome is diluted with a spiral pattern.

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3D drawing

In the 21st digital age, even wallcovering can keep up with technological innovation. 3D wallpapers and murals were among the best last year, and oddly enough, in 2020 they have not lost their position. Even more, it has expanded the number of visual solutions. Three-dimensional images can occupy all walls or only some specific section of one wall. Among the most popular 3D drawings now:

  • Waves - this volumetric version looks very fresh and colorful. But still it is worth remembering that it is elegantly suitable only for large rooms.
  • Geometrics – all king of geometric figures are super popular in modern and contemporary interior designs.
  • Flowers – large scale flowers and floral patterns are popular and can be on the dark or light background.
  • Cars - colorful cars create a sense of dynamism and fit perfectly into different interior designs.
  • Animals - predators that lurk in the grass, or other animals, perfectly dilute the interior. They look especially harmonious if the room is made in fusion style.




The grunge style was originally far from interior design. He appeared on fashion catwalks and was characterized by numerous holes in jeans, as well as a fairly frayed fringe. Most recently, firms began to introduce grunge into the wallpaper of 2020, having achieved tremendous success in this business. The impression of this coating is the effect of wear (aging) of the surface. Most often, this solution is used in living rooms or kitchens.

 art deco wallpaper mica vermiculite wallcoverings natural glitter textured gray silver gold

Art Deco

Art Deco is making a big come back during 2019 and 2020. Interesting patterns of 1920 now used in creating wallpapers and wallcoverings.

 ombre gray black textured wallcoverings wallpaper


Smooth transition also originally did not arise in the wall decor sector. It was actively used by hairdressers during hair dyeing, as well as nails masters, during nail polishing. Not so long ago, the gradient found its place in the design of wallpaper. The smooth substitution of one color with another perfectly complements the interior of the living room and bedroom.


Following the most juicy and vivid trends in the world of wallpaper, you will be able to create a delightful design for any room! You can check our wallpaper collection HERE