How to hand Vinyl Wallpaper?

How to hand Vinyl Wallpaper?

With the developing of many new decoration materials for walls, Vinyl Wallpaper still does not become less popular. And in this article, we will guide you in how to glue Vinyl Wallpaper.















Even that the process of the hanging of this type of wallpaper seems to be very complicated, it is actually not complicated at all.

 Before pasting Vinyl Wallpaper, walls surface should be carefully prepared, as well as before pasting wallpaper of any other another type.
The wall supposed to be cleaned of old wallpaper, bumps, imperfections and then, depending on the condition of the surface, is primed with a special primer. It is recommended to apply a primer designed specifically for the treatment of surfaces before pasting wallpaper or any other primer with deep penetration. In some cases, as a primer, you can use wallpaper paste, with which you will paste your wallpaper. For example, our "Slavyanski Wallpaper" paste, which is available at our store Wallcovering Smart is designed to be used as a paste and as a primer. So you can use the same product for both: primering and hanging. 

How to hang Vinyl Wallpaper

If you desire, before hanging Vinyl Wallpaper you can process surface of the walls with a fungicidal solution that will prevent the formation of mold under the wallpaper and exclude the possibility of moisture underneath. But also you need to know that our wallpaper is already made in a special way to prevent mold and mildew growth, so in some cases, it is not necessary. 

When you paste Vinyl Wallpaper you should use the best glue for Vinyl Wallpaper, which is designed specifically for this type of wallpaper or the universal paste for all types of wallpapers. For example, this adhesive HERE will work great.

Vinyl Wallpaper Portofino Stripe Wallcovering Smart

Some of our Vinyl Wallpaper is 1 m in width which is 44", which substantially reduces the number of stripes you will need to hang and therefore potentially reduce your hanging time and number of joins, that you will achieve between wallpaper. At the same time, wide wallpaper is easier to hang when working with the assistant, as sometimes one is not able to do that work.

Strictly speaking, the process of pasting Vinyl Wallpaper is not much different from other types of wallpapers. Always leave few inches for trimming at the top and bottom of your wallpaper.

When wallpapering, special attention should be paid to the proper pattern following, keep in mind that Vinyl Wallpaper is glued side to side.

Lay your pre-cut strips on a flat surface facing down. Then carefully, use a soft brush, to apply the glue.











If you are working with the Vinyl Wallpaper on Paper Base you will need to apply the paste to the wallpaper and to the wall. When gluing, avoid getting the glue on the front side of the strip. If, however, the glue got on the "face" of the wallpaper, it should immediately be wiped with a soft cloth. Otherwise, some adhesives, after it dries, are almost impossible to remove from the wallpaper, so be careful with that. Or you can use our paste, which is easy removes from wallpaper, just with a wet cloth ( You can find it HERE). 

Portofino Flock Wallpaper Wallcovering Smart

If you are working with Vinyl on Non-woven base Wallpaper it is easier, as you will need to apply the paste to the wall only. Then the stripe of wallpaper should be glued directly to the wall, extending it from the ceiling to the bottom of the wall. To smooth the stripe and remove any air bubbles you should use a special brush.

As you can see, gluing procedure is not complicated and is available to each of us.