How to Install Wallpaper Horizontally

How to Install Wallpaper Horizontally

Wallpapering is considered as an important step in the arrangement of the apartment during the remodeling. Usually everyone use to paste the Wallpaper vertically, but professionals love a horizontal way of wallpapering as well. This method is used to highlight the pattern applied to the Wallpaper or to create an attractive and interesting interior.

horizontal wallpaper application

The horizontal arrangement of Wallpaper has the following advantages:

  1. Combining materials with different colors and patterns;
  2. Gluing the border and a combination of different bands to create a special design;
  3. Even ordinary Wallpaper can get an improved look if it is hanged horizontally.

Before you start wallpapering, you should consider how to correctly and accurately calculate the amount of Wallpaper, in advance to match the pattern, measure and trim panels. So, before pasting it is necessary to mark where the first strip should go, you can use a pencil for that. Then clean the surface from dust and dirt and apply the glue. Apply and align the Wallpaper on the marks made and squeeze out all bubbles. Similarly, to the first layer just continue to apply the following and do not allow drying of the glue remains.

Wallpaper pasting horizontally, can help visually expand the room, as well as create a unique and interesting design.

horizontal striped wallpaper application