How to prepare your walls before Wallpapering?

How to prepare your walls before Wallpapering?

 How to prepare your walls for wallpaper hanging

In order to properly and efficiently glue Wallpaper, you should pay attention to all the details of preparation. Seems that gluing does not require any knowledge and it's easy enough to operate. In fact, it is quite a difficult task that requires patience and proper execution.

The main purpose of the preparation is that it is necessary to make a smooth and dry surface. In most cases, you can use some wall repair kit (plaster putty). In addition, it is necessary to examine all area, on which you want to apply your wallpaper, and clean all fat, oil stains or fungal growths which in the future can appear on the brand new Wallpaper.

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Preparation of walls in new buildings

One of the most common cases is pasting Wallpaper in new buildings. If you want to receive nice creative and unique look of your apartment or house by spending a small amount of time, money and energy, you should definitely buy Wallpaper from us. But often, people think, that  It is easier to put Wallpaper in a new building, which is not right in every case...Most of the walls can be curved, with stains and debris or bumps,  in need of good treatment. To solve this problem you will need to :

  1. Use a wall repair kit to fill up all holes.
  2. Use a sandpaper to remove all " defects" from the wall.
  3. Apply primer to the wall, in order to make the wall more smooth and "seal" it - make it not to absorb the glue in future, which will protect you from "spaces" between stripes of Wallpaper after drying and also, it will make easier for you to remove your Wallpaper in future if you will use a primer.If you need a primer, you can get one HERE.

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How to remove an old Wallpaper?

Get rid of the old wallpaper is also not the most attractive job, but if you paste the new Wallpaper on top of the old one, there is a possibility of rapid detachment or swelling in some places. Based on the quality of previous wallpaper and hanging technique used it would be either easy or hard for you to remove them. Some Wallpaper will come off easily. If Wallpaper doesn't want to come off, it is better to pour water on it and allow them to soak it, and only then, with the help of a spatula, you can try to unstick them. For greater effect, you can mix the water with vinegar or special solutions to help get rid of the old Wallpaper.

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Hanging the Wallpaper over the Painted walls

There is the fact, that any Wallpaper cannot be glued to smooth and painted surfaces. Well, it could be done, but the Wallpaper will unstick easily and you may receive the large "spaces" between the Wallpaper stripes. But, since taking off the paint and sanding off walls is very labor-consuming work, you can just apply a primer or look for a solution, which will chemically remove the glossy waterproof coat from the paint. If your paint is matte and doesn't have a waterproof finish on it, it will be way better, as then, you may only need a primer. 

    Just remember, when gluing Wallpaper in the first place, you need to properly prepare the walls and try making them as smooth as possible.