Natural Wallpaper Benefits and Disadvantages

Natural Wallpaper Benefits and Disadvantages

If you have decided to change your room look and decided to check what are the benefits of natural wallpaper, then we will try to help you here. We will tell you which natural materials are used for wallpaper and what are the specifics of each kind. So let's get started with that!

mica wallpaper

Nowadays, our technologies are giving us a possibility to produce different wallpaper from synthetic materials, but often we are still choosing natural over synthetic, even if it is pricier and more fragile. Why? Simply because Natural Wallpaper helps you to create a special natural atmosphere at your house, which can not be recreated by using a synthetic material wallpaper. Natural material will always give you a unique, nature-made pattern.

grasscloth wallpaper

Let's see now what are we consider as the Natural Wallpaper benefits and what are the Natural Wallpaper disadvantages: 

Benefits of the Natural Wallpaper:

  • Natural wallpaper is usually more eco-friendly, then the synthetic wallpaper. If you have allergies you can choose natural uncolored wallpaper, which you can not do if you will go for synthetic wallpaper. Also, people often choose natural wallpaper, because they have kids and they feel safer with the natural material in their house.
  • Most of the natural wallpaper are durable and are not changing the color over time.
  • Natural Wallpaper is easily blending with floors, tiles, ceilings, etc.
  • Natural Wallpaper can create a special atmosphere and make you feel like you are closer to nature. Think about bamboo, shell or grasscloth wallpaper – it is gorgeous!
  • Natural Wallpaper is always unique, as every stick, mineral or stone is unique!
  • Disadvantages of Natural Wallpaper:
  • Most of the natural wallpapers are easily absorbing smells, so they are not recommended for kitchens or bad ventilated areas.
  • Natural Wallpaper can be easily damaged by your pet, so that is the other thing that you should think of.
  • Natural Wallpaper may be hard to clean, but that will depend on the material that it is made of.
  • Prices for natural wallpaper are usually high, but that is because of the expansive material and hard work of producing those wallpapers. Usually, natural wallpapers are handmade, which will explain that expansive price.