Paintable Wallpaper

Paintable Wallpaper

Nowadays, more and more popular are becoming so-called wallpaper, that can be painted. After gluing them, it is necessary to paint them still, therefore this gives them a special appearance. Wallpaper for painting has a structural, textured surface. When the paint dries on them, this turns into an original pattern.

Also, there are wallpapers, that are smooth, without a pattern, that needs to be painted. The majority of paintable Wallpapers are produced in white color. But sometimes they could be found in color options.


Types of wallpaper for painting:

  • made of paper;
  • made of nonwoven fabric;
  • fiberglass wallpaper.

For producing those different types of wallpaper, manufacturers are using a variety of materials. This allows us to obtain quite different wallpaper types according to their properties.

Features of paper wallpaper

Wallpaper made of paper, designed to be painted, is quite dense, thanks to this, you can hide minor defects of the wall. The manufacturer impregnates the outer part of the Wallpaper with a water-repellent. Paper Wallpaper is perfect to paste over the ceiling.

The disadvantage of this type of Wallpaper is that when you are pasting them, they can be strongly impregnated with moisture and can tears. That is why this wallpaper should be glued fast.


Non-woven wallpaper

Non-woven wallpaper is considerably more resistant than paper wallpaper. Their structure is very dense. They will not break even if it's too filled with glue, and will not shrink when the glue dries. Non-woven wallpaper can hide not only small defects of the wall but also small cracks. This kind of wallpaper is great for new homes that can still give a small shrinkage.



What is glass cloth wallpaper?

Glass cloth wallpapers have excellent characteristics. They are durable, the most lasting among all other types of Wallpaper, they can often be washed and scrubbed with a brush. It should be noted that the strength and durability of Glass cloth Wallpaper directly depend on the quality of paint.

To produce the fiberglass Wallpaper, manufacture uses a glass fiber. When you paint it, it is possible to receive an original ornament on a wall.

There are also Vinyl Wallpapers for painting. They are made either on Non-woven or Paper base. Also, such Wallpapers are often called Anaglypta Wallpaper. They are white in color, textured wallpaper, that doesn't have to be painted, but could be if desired. 

Choose wallpaper for your taste and color, using our tips, and then you will have a really high-quality wallpaper and the best room design.