What is Velvet Wallpaper?

What is Velvet Wallpaper?

Velvet Wallpaper

Do you dream to make the interior of your house extraordinary and exquisite? Then you definitely need to cover the walls with or special velvet wallpaper. They significantly stand out from all other wallpaper types. Their highlight is that they give not only a visual pleasure, but also specific texture. By touch, they are completely identical with natural velvet. Thanks to this, you have the opportunity to make your own home not only beautiful and unusual, but also really warm and cozy. Our exclusive designer patterns are making the room much more spacious and giving it luxuriance and sophistication.

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What is the velvet wallpaper?

Velvet wallpaper or sometimes called Flock wallpaper originated in Ancient China. It was made there for the first time, when on the paper base, they began to apply a soft pile that looked like suede. In the original version, resin glue was used to connect the flock and the paper. Nowadays, the technology of manufacturing velvet wallpaper is much modernized. On non-woven or paper wallpaper base polyamide, viscose or something else is applied with a special adhesive, after which the remnants of it are completely removed.

Velvet wallpaper is an integral part of the Oriental and Asian styles in the interiors; it includes Indian style, Chinese and colonial, Arabic, as well as Rococo, Baroque and Empire.

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The main advantages of velvet wallpaper:

  • the product has excellent thermal insulation;
  • wallpapers are soft, as the pile is able to simulate natural suede;
  • they are of high quality and durability, despite the fact that they have a very fine texture, they do not tear at the time of gluing;
  • ease and easy to use, if necessary, the wallpaper can be cleaned without problems with a dry or damp cloth;
  • colorful and original designs;
  • nicely textured surface of wallpaper perfectly hides uneven walls;
  • velvet flocked wallpaper not fade with time and not wiping off;
  • A+ fire resistance, the material does not ignite;
  • velvet wallpaper is considered to be the most natural, environmentally friendly, safe to use, thanks to this they can be glued in any room, even in the bedroom and in the nursery.

With velvet wallpaper you once again emphasize your unique and exquisite taste and individual character. Velvet wallpaper is always beautiful, reliable and inexpensive. You can find our Velvet Wallpaper by clicking HERE

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