How to match Wallpaper to an existing furniture?

How to match Wallpaper to an existing furniture?

 Well-chosen wallpaper guarantees a comfort and harmony in the home. But this is only if they are combined with furniture and meet the overall interior style. 

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So where to begin?

First, decide on the color of the wallpaper. Even if it looks simple, this problem is not an easy task. Understand how to pick the wallpaper you can by answering three basic questions:

What kind of atmosphere do you want to create in the room: a relaxing or invigorating? For recreational atmosphere use pastel shades wallpaper or decorate the wall in blue or maroon-brown tones. The invigorating atmosphere will create more vibrant colors: Red, orange, etc.

 How to illuminate a room? If you have a bright light, it is better to use wallpaper in cool colors: blue, green, purple, etc. For rooms with insufficient sunlight or artificial lightyou will need wallpaper in warm colors close to red or brown.

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 How to choose wallpaper to the furniture to get a harmonious interior? Play around with the combination of patterns on the upholstery and wallpaper. Take or buy in the store small pieces of wallpaper. If the furniture you have a well-known brand, look at catalogs. There you can find ready solutions for the interior. Producers increasingly offer entire collections in harmony fabrics and wallpapers.


Here is a nice option for small rooms - cover three walls with light wallpaper, and the fourth wall with more saturated shades of the same range.

Another failsafe principle - a selection of wallpaper, related in tone upholstery furniture: warm tone combine with a warm, cold – with cold.

Wallpaper is done.

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Now choosing the furniture. Such a situation may arise if you buy an apartment with already finished walls. When choosing furniture you have several options: 

Typical sets. They are available in different colors and it facilitates the selection of the appropriate color and style. Well, if you can not find exactly what you're looking for, you can always shift the focus from furniture to accessories. In the bedroom of a childit can be a photo. In the living room or hallway - footstools, paintings, and other decorative elements.

Own project. This solution is suitable for those who in spite of the wide selection of furniture in the salons would like to see something unique in his house. Although this is fun and cheap. Do not forget that it has to be combined with the texture and color of the wallpaper that you already have. If you have a plain background wallpaper the bright non-standard furniture will look great. For example, the modular design sofa.