175003 Damask Flocking Silver Blue Portofino Wallpaper

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Portofino is one of the best finest brands of Wallcoverings. The luxurious designs, highest quality materials, and innovative technologies - that's what makes us the best! Brand idea is to bring into the world  Made in Italy best wallpaper, so our customers will enjoy the gorgeous and unique product in their homes, offices or stores!

Palazzo Pitti COLLECTION

The Florentine residence best known in the world has inspired our creative. Wealth and desire to excel moved the banker Luca Pitti to rely on the ideas of Brunelleschi and his pupil Fancelli, and then Michelozzo, Vasari. Great architects for a gorgeous palace. Residence of the Grand Duke of Tuscany, Lorraine, and Savoy. Today is known as the fashion in Italy and around the world with its manifestations and its exhibitions. The fashion and art have A guided our ideas in the creation of this collection, sophisticated, refined and above all unique. The damasks and silks produced and traded by the motor city and the protagonist of the Renaissance, we have inspired and guided to produce unique wallpaper for unique environments.

Country: Made in Italy

Kind: Vinyl Wallpaper on the Non-woven fabric base

Brand: Portofino

Size: 2.29 ft x 33 ft = 75.57 sq.ft. ( 0.7 m x 10.05 m )

Surface technology: Flocking, Vinyl

Lightfast: High resistance B- S2 D0 (in accordance with EN 13501 )

Cleaning: Washable - Sponge wallcovering with a solution of warm water and mild soap. Good resistance to various household mild detergent.

Strippable: YES

Stability: Good

Quality: Approved IGI / EC

Usage: Living room, Bedding room, Study, Kids' room, TV Background and other


Color tones can vary due to lighting and your monitor settings. The color on pictures are for reference only and may slightly differ from the actual color on a roll. We are taking pictures of an actual item. 

It is not the cheap Auto-stick wallpaper, you should buy the adhesive in order to hang it. Please, calculate your room size carefully to make sure it is enough for your fitment.



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  • Hi. I just bought Damask Flocking Silver Blue Portofino Wallpaper Do you suggest putting the glue on the wall or on the paper? And should there be something done to the wall prior installation besides washing it?

    With this wallpaper, you can put the glue on the wall or on the wallpaper, either one, whatever you prefer. Nothing needs to be done prior to the installation.