40353 Artisan Shimmer Wallpaper

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Traditional craftsmanship

This collection is an ode to high-quality, traditional craftsmanship. The wallcovering is made of pure, natural materials, from minerals and grasses to tropical plants. Experienced artisans pleat, weave and dye with boundless passion and patience. They turn these materials by hand into beautiful, unique wallcoverings.

Made of real mica flakes*. The sheets with the mica flakes are hand-dyed, after which large, irregular shapes are punched through them. These are carefully inlaid into a repetitive pattern. The pattern is a modern interpretation of the colorful, classic terrazzo floors.

Large sheets with mica flakes* are hand-dyed for this pattern. Then rectangles are stamped out of them with the utmost care. These shapes are then glued by hand into the pattern so that they impart a beautiful yet not too rigid effect. For some wallcoverings, we use mica in a single color, while in others we combine three colors in a random pattern.

This pattern consists, as it were, of woven mica*. First, sheets are colored with glued mica flakes. They are cut into very narrow strips, which are then woven with a conventional loom. The result is a wallcovering with the look of a very fine, gently glistening mosaic.

Made from natural sisal fibers which are very finely woven. The woven sisal is then hand-pleated. Finally, we use the tipping technique, in which metallic ink is applied to the tips of the pleats. This yields a living, totally unique wallcovering, brimming with character.

Authentic double-weave jute. The jute strips are first dyed and then woven. This fabric is glued onto a shiny metal foil or a matt base, and then it is all cut into strips again. Finally, these strips are woven once again.

The basic material for this wallcovering is a tropical plant, the pandan. The fibers of this plant are interwoven by hand. This braiding is cut diagonally into strips, which are then woven. We drew the inspiration for this wallcovering from the growing trend of braiding in fashion and interior design.

*Mica is an umbrella term for a group of minerals.

Kind: Luxurious wallcovering that is handmade - with love and with attention to detail - from the finest natural materials such as mica, sisal, pandan, and jute.

Brand: Arte

Roll dimensions: Sold by the linear meter/yard

Coverage: 1m2

Surface technology: Fine embossing, Vinyl

Cleaning: Washable ( solution can be used )

Strippable: YES

Usage: Living room, Bedding room, Study, Kids' room, TV Background and other


Color tones can vary due to lighting and monitor settings. The color on pictures are for reference only and may slightly differ from the actual color on a roll. We are taking pictures of an actual item. 

It is not the cheap Auto-stick wallpaper, you should buy the adhesive in order to hang it. Please, calculate your room size carefully to make sure it is enough for your fitment.



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