Wallpaper 2019 Trends

Wallpaper 2019 Trends

Wallpaper is popular for centuries as a decorative product for the interior. In 2019, this type of finishing material is a must have in every house. So, what kind of wallpaper is now in trend?

New wallpapers in 2019

2019 was a new page for the world's designers. In modern interiors, there is no boredom and monotony. Your home decoration can be in any style, the main thing to pay attention to details, harmoniously combining each design element with each other.

Wallpaper is a universal material for walls and ceiling decoration. After all, the presence of a variety of colors, textures, drawings will allow you to choose the wallpaper option for your house.

Grasscloth wallpaper

Grasscloth wallpaper is very popular right now, as well as it was popular before. With a huge variety of color, size, and texture of a grasscloth we can harmonically include it in almost any interior style. A big plus is that it is a natural and unique wallpaper, mostly a handmade.


Glamorous 3-D wallpapers

With 3-D wallpaper, you can create an island of comfort and beauty in your home. Wallpapers depicting huge flowers, jewelry, and other «glamorous» themes will fill the home with style and brilliance.

A popular decision will be to paste one wall only, which will be emphasized. The rest of the walls are painted in a color compatible with the main image/wallpaper color.



Neoclassical interior involves the use of standard finishing materials and new, comfortable furniture. For this style, acceptable are textured, vinyl wallpapers. The pattern for them can be a floral ornament, feathers, textiles, damask or plain wallpapers gold, silver embroidered or decorated with glitters.



A few years ago, no one could imagine that the style of high-tech can be complemented by wallpaper. But in 2019 everything is possible, even for this type of interior. Wallpaper with the pattern of chips or crumbs of glass, textured geometric patterns are perfectly combined with such a restrained, modern design. Backgrounds can have a glossy coating, metallic effect, and glitter.

Loft interior wallpapers

Loft design can be easily emphasized by wallpaper with an imitation of stones, leather, leaves, animal hair, and brickwork. Best of all, this design option is suitable for private homes.

These wallpapers have a realistic texture and look, that sets you in the right mood right away.  You can also easily combine a few wallpaper colors and patterns together. For example, brick wallpaper together with a plaster slightly rusted wallpaper looks very organic combined together.

Wallpapers for ethno interior

Ethno-theme in the interiors over the past decades has become quite popular, wallpaper manufacturers have not left this fact without attention. Among the options for this style can be mentioned: animal fur imitation wallpaper, textured «stone» wallpaper, patchwork patterns, etc.

Eco wallpapers

In order to create an eco-interior, you will need eco wallpaper. This material is made exclusively from natural, safe components. For manufacturing use: straw, wood, algae, bamboo, jute, cane, veneer, vermiculite. Such wallpaper will always give you a unique, creative and organic look. You can read about the Advantages and Disadvantages of natural wallpaper HERE 


New wallpapers in 2019

One of the most interesting novelties of 2019 can be identified as liquid wallpaper and glass wallpaper. With their help, you can create an exclusive, stylish interior. The imagination will be your key!